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What we do?

The main objective of the organization is to foster togetherness and to form a strong alliance of the yoruba people living in Stockholm. The union coordinates a lot of social activities, which members and people with similar interest attend and partake.

Yoruba Union in Stockholm was founded in the year 2010.

Yoruba Day 2013

Our first ever Yoruba day celebration….

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What we love?

We love to dance and be happy. We did it again in 2014…

Yoruba Day 2014

More fun and excitement….

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For the love of the Yoruba Culture

More fun and excitement in 2015

Yoruba Day 2015

More fun and excitement….

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Peace and Love bound us together

We did it again in 2016

Yoruba Day 2016

Joyous, Glorious and Glamorous!

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Yoruba History and Culture

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Mailing Address:

Grusåsgränd 160, 121 30 Enskededalen, Sweden

Phone: 0764096473

Email: info@yorubaunion.se