Yoruba Day 2014

The second Yoruba Day in Stockholm was celebrated on the 10th of May 2014. The event took place at the Bagarmossens Folket Hus, Lillåvägen 44, 128 45, Bagarmossen, Stockholm

Here is an adaption of the speech read by the president of the Union, Adeola Aderounmu.


The Nigerian Ambassador to Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark, His Excellency Onochie Amobi

Her Excellency: The Wife of the Nigerian Ambassador, Mrs. Sheila Amobi

Our Fathers here today,

Our Mothers here present,

Our Uncles, Our Aunties,

My Brothers, My Sisters,

Our Special Guests, families, friends and visitors

I welcome you formally to this gathering.

One year ago, I welcomed you to the First Ever Yoruba Day in Stockholm. That was on the 11th of May 2013.

How time flies!

I love this Swedish expression: Livet går aldrig I repris! It means you cannot live through your life again. You should enjoy and value every bit of it as it rolls forward.

Today promises to be another exciting day of celebration of our culture and traditions. I am sure most of us can feel it already as we anxiously await some of the juicy and wonderful items on the program-not least the variety of Yoruba food that will be served here today.

[digression, In the Yoruba Union, we think that history, place and circumstances brought us together….we left our personalities or maybe we actually brought them together to create the motivation that unite us and make our group what we’ve called Scandinavian’s Happiest Family]

  • Our goals and objectives in the Yoruba Unions remain the same:
  • To create a community of Yoruba people living in Stockholm and nearby cities like Uppsala, Vasterås and Norrköping.
  • To unite the Yorubas in all of these places and in Sweden generally. We have started to strengthened our links to Gothenburg
  • To create a sense of belonging for ourselves and our families in Sweden
  • To create an atmosphere for togetherness that will always remind of who we are
  • We help one another (when you talk about welfare, accommodation, work and networking in general)

What do we do in the Yoruba Union in order to achieve our plans?

We organize different activities such as:

  • Regular meetings to form a solid social contact among ourselves
  • Annual summer Yoruba Family Day in Stockholm. This year we will have the fourth edition of this tradition for our families and friends
  • Organising annual children’s day celebration for our children and friends of the Union. The next one comes up in 2 weeks
  • Inviting one another to our individual or family activities here in Sweden (marriage ceremonies, naming ceremonies, house-warming, graduation ceremonies and so on)

The popularity of the Yoruba Union continues to grow in Sweden and worldwide. We can see that on all our public profiles including facebook, YouTube and our website. People have mailed us from around the world to commend us, people have called us to share their happiness about our activities. Immediately after the Yoruba Day last year we got an email from a professor in Cambridge.


Director of Studies

European Centre for Advanced Studies

Cambridge , UK


Dear All

This is to say a very big well done for your initiative and to wish you a lot of success.

I read about the celebration of your Yoruba day. The pictures are great.


He was so delighted for our success story when he read about us.

For us in the Yoruba Union in Stockholm, today is another dream come true.

Today we continue with the history that we created since 2010 when we started this journey.

Last year I talked about the intellectual capacity of the Yoruba Union represented in various ways: in our chosen fields or endeavors. Today the story remains the same-we are getting stronger in all aspects. We continue to employ dialogue and discussions in our group.

In the Yoruba Union, everybody’s voice counts and every opinion is valuable.

The executive members of the Yoruba Union remain the same. It shows consistency and unity. It shows respect and understanding. It shows that we have a common ideology and that our activities are built on transparency and honesty.

I will like you to meet the executives again:

  • Lydia Akinwale-The social secretary
  • Funmileyi Adenuga- Treasurer
  • Abiola Amos-Public Relations Officer
  • Ibrahim Onifade-Secretary
  • Debo Fasheyi-Assistant PRO
  • Olarewaju Omogunloye-Music Director

Every member of the Union is important. I’d like to acknowledge Samuel Ayoola, Oluwasanmi, Olarewaju, Wale Ogedegbe, Bayo Anifowoshe, Sheriff, my name sake Adeola, our person from Norrköping Tayo Adegoke, Prodige all the way from Skellefteå, James aka Don Sam, Hannah Ibukun, Kristin, Aunty Iyabo, Frida, Gabriel, Henry Osobu and the rest.

These are the people that have brought you here together today.

Take a look at the program and relax as the day unfolds.

You are here to enjoy yourselves, we have dance and songs well integrated into the program, we want you to dance and enjoy your time here. We have a loaded program until 10pm and you are welcome to the night party until 2am.

As I end my speech, I will make one promise. Tonight is going to be a good, good night.

May our creator Eledumare be with you.